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McDonell Consulting Group, LLC | Baltimore & Bel Air, MD

The Training You

Need to Succeed 

Sales Training - Leadership Development
Business Consulting - Customer Service Training
Professional Development Assessments

Professional Training for Business Professionals

Personalized training and coaching designed to develop you and your team's sales, management, and leadership skills. We work with businesses from all industries that are looking for an approach to sales, leadership, and management that eliminates short-term fixes and leads to long-term success!


Sandler Success Journey

Utilizing a systematic approach, we help clients attain success while embarking on their journey alongside us.

  • Identify Your Challenges

    Start with a conversation with Chris McDonell or Matt Blake to understand your unique challenges.

  • Develop Your Plan

    We’ll create a customized plan together to close the gaps between you and your success.

  • Grow Your Business

    Experience sustainable growth through executing effective behaviors, attitudes, and techniques.

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Your Success is Our Mission

Sales success is not just about short-term gains but about building long-lasting relationships and sustainable growth. Our comprehensive sales and leadership training programs, backed by reinforcement-based learning, provide you with the tools, strategies, and support needed to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.

The numbers prove it, Sandler works!

"Sandler-trained salespeople  close more sales, more quickly, profitably, and consistently than any other training."

-The Aberdeen Research Group


Sales Training Solutions that Transform Sales Results

Sandler helps elevate the stature of sales by helping salespeople and leaders master their craft. Accelerate your path to sales mastery, personal growth, and lifelong learning in the selling profession. Learn the basics of the Sandler Selling System and how it can help you sell more and sell more easily.

Sandler System

Are you ready to reach your potential?

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With a focus on improving your business's Skills, Staff, Structure, and Strategy, your business will receive support, individualized attention, and application that is relevant to your industry.

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You can grow your business with award-winning ongoing sales and management training and coaching and high-quality keynote presenters for your event.  We want to support and help facilitate your organization's growth and success.

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No matter if you are a small, medium, or enterprise-level firm, your business has the potential to be successful. We want to help and support your organization with developing and implementing a strategy for excellence and growth to reliably increase revenue.

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Helping Our Clients Succeed

Since 2008, McDonell Consulting Group has been helping companies with hiring, business development, sales training, sales management training, customer service training, leadership development, professional assessments, and executive coaching. From individual salespeople to CEOs, and everyone in-between, we help our clients in their journey to success. 

Tell us how we can help you!

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