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Chris McDonell- CEO of McDonell Consulting Group, LLC in Towson, MD

Chris McDonell has been in the sales and leadership industry for 30 years and training with Sandler for over 10 years. McDonell Consulting Group is a licensed training center and works with companies of all sizes helping them reach their full potential, exceed expectations, and continue to grow.

As a sales coach and corporate executive, Chris has led large sales and sales management teams of over 150 people to reach and surpass business goals on a continual basis; and has been assigned on many occasions to turn around struggling operations. Chris has led sales initiatives, business development, aligned management and employee goals with overall performance, examined investments to ensure consistency with corporate policy and related laws, managed collections activity, and administered operating policies to meet profit goals and achieve both short and long-term growth objectives.

Chris helped to establish national training platforms for multi-layered, decentralized organizations, and led teams to determine optimal sales, collections, human resources, operations, and leadership development training needs. He led the administration of a new centralized training platform which was deployed to over 8,000 employees and guided the start-up of two centrally based Learning Center Concepts. Employee turnover reduced by 15% for new hires, and sales bonuses rose by 25% after the implementation of the original corporate Learning Center Concept in 1998; setting the stage for future endeavors.

Chris has hands-on experience and expertise in all areas of leadership, management, and sales.   sales coach, executive coach, and trainer for sales professionals, sales managers, and senior-level management of both large and small companies across the country. Chris is also a dynamic award-winning public speaker.

Keith Daw- Vice President of Business Development and Trainer at McDonell Consulting Group

Keith Daw is the Vice President and a trainer with McDonell Consulting Group, an authorized licensee of Sandler Training, with a state-of-the-art training center in Towson [Baltimore, MD]. He places his focus and energy on amplifying professionals, teams, and organizations in the areas of leadership, sales, strategic customer care, and especially that human communications thing where many sometimes struggle. His professional passion and expertise lay with developing next-generation leaders within organizations, and in addition to training clients, he serves as an advisor and mentor to eight area non-profit emerging leader initiatives. For nearly nine years, Keith has served a dual role of both producer as well as practitioner and intentionally incorporates many of his own lessons learned into his talks and training.


Prior, Keith spent more than 20 years as a business owner, strategist, and salesperson at privately-owned, national, and international companies across a myriad of industries and disciplines. When not working side-by-side with his clients and teams, Keith loves to travel to new destinations around the world and immersing himself in the local architecture and culture.

Erica Haskell- Marketing Associate and Sales Assistant at McDonell Consulting Group

Erica Haskell is the Marketing and BD associate with McDonell Consulting Group. Erica is a recent graduate from Towson University with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Erica is passionate about making marketing materials matter and specifically focuses on social media marketing. Erica loves making all things pretty; from social posts to events, the little details are what matters in the end. With a love for group work, Erica values hard work and enjoys working both independently and as a part of the team.

When not working, Erica spends her time leading her kids dance program D.F.F Movers and Groovers and continuing her passion for making things pretty with some interior design. She is slightly obsessed with her dogs and anything pink.

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