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7 Proven Strategies for Finishing the Year on a High Note

In this video, Chris highlights seven powerful activities that can drive your success. From making strategic calls to existing and potential clients, asking for referrals, to expressing gratitude to your top clients - it's all about maximizing opportunities! Watch the video to discover how dedicating a little time each week can lead to big wins. Don't miss out on these actionable steps that can make a significant difference in your approach to closing the year strong and starting 2024 with a bang!

Are You Implementing These Four Strategies to Ensure a Strong Finish for the Fourth Quarter?

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2023, let's talk strategy! Join Chris in this quick video where he spills the beans on four powerful strategies to rock the end of the year and set ourselves up for a stellar 2024. From nurturing a healthy pipeline to mastering prospecting behaviors and maintaining balance, these are the game-changers we need to meet our goals and kickstart the new year on the right foot. Don't miss this – watch now and let's finish strong together!

Two Key Aspects for a Baseline Approach to Providing Feedback

Are you tired of the pain that ineffective feedback can cause? Join me in my latest video where I dive deep into the art of providing impactful feedback. Let's turn that pain into growth and success! 📈 Learn the art of coaching instead of telling! By asking the right questions, you can unlock your team's potential, helping them reflect, improve, and learn valuable lessons. Say goodbye to the pain of one-sided conversations! Transparency is the key to healing. Gather your team and openly communicate your coaching approach. Build a culture of trust, collaboration, and support. Together, we can transform pain into progress!

What Does "Feedback" Really Mean?

As professionals, we've all heard about feedback and its importance. But what does it really mean? Is it criticism, constructive criticism, or telling someone what to do? Feedback is a process to modify factors that produce results. In coaching, it helps people discover their attitudes, behaviors, and techniques; but without open channels, most people receive feedback as an attack on their self-worth. Watch to learn more about the importance of feedback and how it can help us improve ourselves and our employees.

Provinding Real-Time Feedback to Your Employees

As we all know, feedback is essential for growth and development, but receiving it in a timely manner can make all the difference. This is an important topic that we will be discussing further in future videos.

Can You Really Manage Revenue?

As Chris was driving into the office one day, he heard some concerning commentary on the radio about revenue and earnings. Watch to learn more!

Sales Leadership is Evolving. Is Your Company Ready?

Watch to learn more!

The Four Things Your Value Proposition Must Include

Your product/service's Value Proposition should be made up of four very connected parts that will help your prospect see the value from their point of view, not yours. What are those parts? Watch the learn more!

A Decsion Not To Make a Decision Is a Decision

What does this mean? Watch to learn more.

Are You Only Addressing Your Prospect's Symptoms?

Symptoms vs. root causes of an issue - what is the difference? Well, in sales the difference could mean your ability to close the sale. Watch to learn more!

Getting a Good and Accurate Decision in Sales

One of the most difficult aspects of sales is getting a decision, and getting a decision in today's marketplace is even more difficult. Watch this video to learn about a talk track you can use to get your prospects sharing their concerns and closer to making a decision.

The Importance of Active Prospecting on Lost Deals

What do you do with your lost deals? Watch this video for a quick tip on how you can re-engage those lost deals and get them back into your pipeline. Good selling!


The Importance of Comfort and Clarity in the Onboarding Process

Are your prospects given comfort and clarity in your onboarding process? This could be a huge reason why qualified deals in the pipeline don't close! Watch to learn more.

How is Your Sales Process Like a Spelling Bee?

In your sales process - keep the rules of a spelling bee contestant in mind. Not sure what that means? Watch this video to find out!

The Importance of Education and Training for Sales Leaders

Why is it that Sales is one of the only professions that directly impacts the bottom line of a company, that doesn't require an education? We are here to change that, watch to learn more.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

What makes the smartest and most intelligent leader? The answer may surprise you - watch to learn more.

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