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Remote Product Offerings

3 great Sandler courses you can take at any time, anywhere! 

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Online Courses

Leading the next gen - remote product offerings

Leading the Next Generation

How to Hire, Manage and Motivate Millennials and Gen Z!

1. Are you struggling to motivate and communicate with younger workers?
2. Are you looking to dramatically improve their hiring and recruiting of younger sales talent?
3. Have you had enough of "lackluster" under-performing teams and too much turnover?
4. Do you Want to better understand their team and lead their company through the next generation?

If you can relate to any of these questions, this online course is for you.

Building a bullerproof business - new brand colors

Building a Bulletproof Business

If you want a better organization, become a better leader…

What, exactly, stands between my company and organizational excellence – and what do I do about it? Learn the top 13 blind spots and how to overcome them in this special video course!

David Mattson, President, and CEO of Sandler Training offers 13 top blindspots and how to correct the most dangerous leadership oversights to take your company into the top tier.

dealing with difficult people - remote product offerings

Dealing with Difficult People

As a business professional, you have undoubtedly experienced several difficult situations.

No matter what your position is in the organization, you will have to deal with angry, upset or difficult people at some point. It’s part of the job, but many people find it to be a stressful part of their day, which can lead to burnout unless there is an established, step-by-step process in place. 

This course includes dozens of resources and four main lessons:

1. Understanding Yourself and Keeping Your Composure
2. Understanding Others and What Makes Them Difficult
3. Preventing Difficult Situations
4. Dealing with Difficult People & Situations

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