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McDonell Consulting Group, LLC | Baltimore & Bel Air, MD

Weekly Sales Foundations Class

Finish 2019 strong!

Are you a Sales Professional, Sales Leader or a Business Owner or Executive who oversees sales? Are you looking to increase and improve your sales? Are you falling short of goal and want to get on track to close 2019 strong? Do you struggle with having conversations with prospective customers because you’re not sure of what to say and what to ask? Would you like some guidance? Our 5-Week Sales Foundations Class delivers the core principles of the Sandler Selling System - a proven sales process that guarantees results!

Tuesdays, October 22 - November 19 from 2-5pm

Dress: Business Casual

Investment: $2000 per person and includes a Consultative Sales Extended DISC and materials


809 Gleneagles Ct, Suite 111, Towson MD

Weekly Sales Foundations Topics

The 5-Week Sandler Sales Foundations Class is a well-recognized sales seminar known for providing a systematic approach to selling and non-traditional techniques that really work.

Join us for our Weekly Sales Foundations Classes to learn the 7 PROVEN Steps of the Sandler Selling Cycle:

1. Why Bonding & Building Rapport Are Important
2. How to Make an Up-Front Contract
3. How to Identify Pain & Questioning Strategies to Use to Uncover It
4. When and How to Discuss Budget
5. How to Identify the Decision-Making Process of Your Customer
6. What to Do During the Fulfillment Step to Close
7. Why the Post-Sell Step Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Class Topics (cont'd)

Whether you’re the CEO, President, Owner or salesperson of a company that sells technology, manufactured products, financial services, tangible products or intangible services - this is a weekly class you can’t miss - regardless of your sales experience!

Topics will include, but not be limited to:

• Creating new business opportunities from scratch
• Achieving equal business stature
• Getting to high-level decision-makers
• Overcoming difficult objections
• Dealing with challenging money issues
• Winning business when you are not the cheapest solution
• Truly differentiating yourself from the competition
• Getting a decision at the end of every meeting
• And more...



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