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McDonell Consulting Group, LLC | Baltimore & Bel Air, MD

Linking Professionals

A Virtual Networking Forum

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Creating and Cultivating Professional Relationships- Virtually!

Join us for Linking Professionals, where we’ll facilitate three 15-minute breakout sessions (5-7 people per group) where you can introduce yourself, share what your clients are facing right now or what your team is doing to help companies, and meet other professionals from across the metro. In the spirit of professional karma, this is an opportunity for us to band together to learn how we can make meaningful introductions and help companies and their teams when they need it most!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others"

- African Proverb

What is Linking Professionals?

It's bringing together the Baltimore metro on a virtual platform. It's a community of go-givers in the Baltimore/Washington metro who have formed a community more than 200 strong, with the intent of learning, sharing, and connecting. It's business development and sales professionals, leaders, managers, and business owners sharing openly about what they do and who they help. It's amazing men and women helping other amazing men and women. Why? We call it professional karma. Help others because you can, not because you gain from it.


Feedback from Professionals in the Baltimore-Metro area.

  • "The small breakouts made it more comfortable and enabled for real conversations to get to know new people."

  •  "Another great online event! I made a few new connections and was able to get to know other recent connections a little bit better"

  • "What an awesome event this was! My sincere thanks to Keith Daw and Chris McDonell. Met many new folks, some of whom I've already connected with on LinkedIn. What a way to grow your network!"

  • "Such a great event, wonderful seeing both new and familiar faces - looking forward to the next one!"