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McDonell Consulting Group, LLC | Baltimore & Bel Air, MD

Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler Training in Baltimore's Video Collection of Sales and Management Training Tips and Tactics

Sandler Management Training in Baltimore

Management Training by McDonell Consulting

Sandler's management training enables sales managers, business leaders and owners to establish a management framework built on productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability. For more information contact us here>>

Sandler Sales Training in Baltimore

Sandler Sales Training in Baltimore

Sandler Training in Baltimore has developed a distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the sales and growth process. For more information contact us here>>

Sales Tip—Sandler Rule #8: When Prospecting, Go for the Appointment

Watch as Sandler trainer Chris McDonell explains how to take the pressure off both you and the prospect by making an appointment.

Sandler Customer Service Training in Baltimore

Customer Service / Inside Selling Training

Typically your Customer Care team is dealing with customers who are confused, frustrated or upset in emotionally charged situations. It takes training and practice to empower your people to act calmly and effectively in those situations. At Sandler Training in Baltimore, we work with your customer care team to build and develop strong customer relationships. For more information contact us here>>