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Seven Ways Your Customer Service Team Can Increase Revenue

A Hidden Gem Exists at Your Company … If You Know How to Tap Into It... There is a hidden sales force within your company right now. They may already have great relationships built with your customers. They speak to them regularly and help them each time. Most importantly, their relationships are built on trust. Where can you find this hidden sales force? It’s the customer service department. There’s only one problem: they don’t think of themselves as salespeople and are often simply reactive, rather than proactive.

KARE For Your Clients

In difficult times, it is especially critical to stay connected with others, to help and to serve. While we typically think first of family and friends, our connections with clients and prospects in turbulent times are important as well. In Sandler Enterprise Selling, we teach a process that adds clarity to these business connections and, given the dynamic nature of selling, we refresh it frequently. And our clients worldwide are extremely active with this now, as their prospects and clients, of course, are experiencing great change.

Identifying And Developing Your Next Generation Leaders

How to Build Your Bench For Continued Success and Lead the Next Generation- The most successful, and consistent, organizations have a strong farm team; affiliations with as many as five minor league organizations, designed to attract and cultivate talent. Scouts have a clear vision of what they want in a player. There’s a process by which they’re brought into the organization. Skills are assessed, coaches are assigned, and behaviors are reinforced. Then, the player is reassessed, and a determination is made on whether they move up in the organization, remain where they are, or perhaps move down or to another team. Makes sense, right? So why don’t the majority of leaders run their company in a similar fashion?

Five Essential Behaviors to Achieve Your Goals

How to Help You Define A Clear Path to Sucess- There’s a wise saying popularly attributed to baseball legend Yogi Berra: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Here’s how I unpack that wisdom: We have to know what our goals are, and we also have to know the specific behaviors that support those goals … otherwise, we may end up supporting someone else’s plan, rather than our own. In fact, if you don’t set your own goals, then you become a part of someone else’s by default!

Four Trends for Sales Professionals to Watch for in 2020

Strategic Use of Technology Leads to Success- With the first quarter of 2020 now in full gear, it makes sense to survey the landscape and take note of the ideas and innovations that are most likely to affect markets, and sales teams, in the year to come. With that in mind, here are four emerging trends that sales professionals should be on the watch for in the year 2020.

Chris McDonell Chosen for Leadership Maryland Class of 2020

McDonell Consulting Group/Sandler Training President and Forest Hill resident one of 52 selected for professional development program

Five Ways to Ensure Sales and Marketing are Aligned

What can leaders do to ensure that sales and marketing teams are on the same page and pursuing the same business goals? Here are five strategies the most successful company leaders implement on a consistent basis...

Communication and Accountability Will Lead to Success

Leaders: December will be here before you know it! With that inescapable reality in mind, consider the following six strategies you can use right now to ensure that your business is positioned for maximum growth next year!

Leaders, Are You Prepared for Change?

The business world is certainly not immune to change. Companies grow and shrink in size. They expand their market reach sometimes and contract other times. They introduce new products and services and discontinue other products and services. And they change the ways in which they create, promote, price, and deliver their products and services.  As companies experience change, the jobs of their employees and the ways in which their employees must perform their jobs also change...

The Feedback Loop

Very often, managers who lead teams find themselves saying something like the following: “I have told them how to do ‘X’ a hundred times, and it never seems to stick. I just don’t know what their problem is.” Or, these managers may find themselves thinking, “Maybe I just hired the wrong person...”. Learn how to focus on guiding your employees instead of telling them what to do in this blog post. 

Three Myths About Accountability

We work with a lot of teams whose leaders ask us to help them in creating and supporting an accountable organizational culture. Three big misconceptions about accountability tend to come up at the same point during these discussions, and they’re worth examining closely...

How to Work a Trade Show

Like most things in life, you will get out of a trade show what you put into it.  What is your goal for the trade show? Is it to make sales? Create an image? Demo new equipment? Meet new prospects and obtain leads?

Sandler Training Philosophy Becomes Part Of Harvard Curriculum

September 20, 2018 – by Sandler Training 

David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, has worked closely with Frank V. Cespedes, faculty chair for the Aligning Strategy and Sales executive program at Harvard Business School (HBS) as well as Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at HBS, to incorporate Sandler sales training techniques into the school's curriculum. 

Awarded The Best Training Provider for Sales Training

May 17, 2018 – by Laura Handrick 

Fit Small Business named us "the best training provider for businesses that want solid sales development." This award was based on nationwide presence, affordable courseware, cross industry topics, multiple training delivery modalities, testing and industry certification.