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McDonell Consulting Group, LLC | Baltimore & Bel Air, MD

Leadership for Organizational Excellence Virtual Briefing, Baltimore MD

Coming Soon! 

"Too many leaders don't know what they don't know about the obstacles they face and are not interested in finding out."

Kick Start Your Roadmap to Success!

Are you a Leader, Company Owner, or C-Level Executive? This virtual event is for you!

Are you confident that your current team and management structure can help you achieve your vision and goals?

Join us for a morning of Organizational Excellence to kick start your road map to success.


Briefing Topics

This event will cover the following critical leadership tools: 

- The culture of accountability
- Common language and approach
- 14 business-killing Blind Spots
- The importance of a clear onboarding process
- A consistent hiring process
- The six P's (planning, positions, people, process, performetrics, passion) to help you navigate your Blind Spots


Previous Leadership for Organizational Excellence Event Feedback from Senior Leaders

  • Onboarding employees is so much more important than I make it out to be!

  • It's about people and empowerment, not technology. Technology allows us to accurately document our processes. People, i.e. leaders, management, and supervisors are responsible for setting the vision, mission, goals, and revenues and performance KPI's of the organization. Great session!

  • Great session and much appreciated! Well done and very insightful!

  • Thanks again for inviting me to the event! It allowed me to get out of my "bunker" mentality!

What is Leadership for Organizational Excellence?

Leadership for Organizational Excellence helps you move your company closer to excellence – by having a vision for where you want to be, a plan to get there, the right positions clearly laid out on the organizational chart, the right people in those positions following the right systems and processes, and posting measurable results that are analyzed regularly to gauge progress towards key goals using the right KPIs.

A PROVEN GROWTH MODEL- Start your Journey!

Organizational Excellence is a Direction, not a Destination.

The Leadership for Organizational Excellence framework makes Organizational Excellence the basis of your company’s long-term growth plan. The program, which has been tested and proven in multiple industries, works because it is a sequential, continuous, repeating process. The heart of this powerful leadership model is known as the 6 P’s.

What Does Organizational Excellence Look Like in Action?

  • Step One: Planning

    • What are your personal priorities?
    • Does your vision for the business support priorities?
    • What are your top three Key Priorities?
  • Step Two: Positions

    • What is the ideal organizational chart?
    • What should the job description say?
    • What attitudes and habits do you not want in the organization?
  • Step Three: People

    • Which employees will fit in immediately?
    • Which current employees might fit with some development?
    • How do you recruit, hire, and retain talented people?
  • Step Four: Processes

    • What processes need to be updated?
    • What processes need to be created from scratch?
    • How should you document best practices into clear processes?

  • Step Five: Performetrics

    • What kinds of tracking reports and dashboards should you use?
    • How should you build performance metrics into specific job descriptions?
    • How should you conduct performance appraisals?
  • Step Six: Passion

    • What will make the journey toward excellence a way of life?
    • How do you sustain the energy and the drive needed to grow the business over time?
    • How can you share your passion for what you do to motivate others?



Working with tens of thousands of companies,
we have identified 13 common blind spots
that can threaten business success or even lead to failure.


Take this survey to identify your Blind spots, strengths, and opportunities 

Which classification does your business fall into?

Move from "At-Risk" To "Excellent" - All businesses can be classified into four categories

  • At-Risk

    Move from "At-Risk" To "Excellent" - All businesses can be classified into four categories

    The leader makes most if not all of the decisions, spending roughly 90% of their time in the business. Their cash flow isn't healthy and if the leader wasn't present for a quarter, the business would be in jeopardy. 

  • Average

    The business is run in a reactive manner. The leader spends 30-50% of their time in the business as a doer. Cash flow is average.

  • Well-Managed

    Respected in their industry, and likely in the top 25% of businesses measured in terms of professional leadership, these organizations are nevertheless vulnerable. The company has not yet created a leadership culture in which organizational excellence is second nature, regardless of personnel changes.

  • Excellent

    Here, professional leadership is a daily reality, exemplified by a disciplined, sequential, continuous, and repeatable process that propels the business into the upper 5% of organizations. These companies are always improving their present situation- and always looking forward. For leaders, and everyone else at these organizations, excellence is a way of life.

Meet Your Presenter:

Chris McDonell- President and CEO of McDonell Consulting Group, Sandler Training

Chris McDonell has been in the sales and leadership industry for 30 years and training with Sandler for over 10 years. As a sales coach and corporate executive, Chris has led large sales and sales management teams of over 150 people to reach and surpass business goals on a continual basis. Chris has led sales initiatives, business development, aligned management and employee goals with overall performance, examined investments to ensure consistency with corporate policy and related laws, managed collections activity, and administered operating policies to meet profit goals and achieve both short and long-term growth objectives.

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